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Bike Repairs and Services

Bike Repairs Clanfield

Standard Bicycle Service

Check and adjust headset, gears, brakes and bottom bracket. Check essential bolts (cranks, stem, bars etc) Inspect transmission system for excessive wear. Check Tyre condition & inflate to correct pressures. Check spoke tension and wheel alignment. True minor buckles as necessary. Lubricate chain, brake and gear mechanism’s.

Standard service price £45.00 + Parts

Standard service plus Tyre change £50.00 + Parts

Standard Service plus Bottom Bracket Change £55.00 + Parts

Standard Service plus Wheel Change £45.00 + Parts

Standard Service plus Transmission Change £55.00 + Parts


Other Repair Charges

Tyre and or Tube Replace £10.00 + Part
Brake Service £25.00 + parts
Gear Service £25.00 + parts
Standard Tyre price £12.00-£15.00
Puncture protection Tyre £35.00
Standard Tube Price £7.00
Standard Wheel Prices £30.00-£50.00

Premier Bicycle Service

As Standard service plus: Clean and lubricate chain. Remove and replace all cables. Strip and grease headset, bottom bracket. Remove brakes & grease brake mounts. Check tension on all other nuts / bolts on components. Check smoothness and operation of hub bearings. Replace major components as necessary.

Premier service price £60.00 + Parts


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